Saturday, September 20, 2008

Site Makeover

Well, I have spent the last few hours attempting to give Bloosier Hysteria a facelift of sorts. Considering my relative lack of understanding on the html front, I reckon my effort hasn't turned out too badly-- I'll let you be the judge. Anyhow, the noticeable change is the move from a two column system to the more blog savvy three column layout. I made this choice because adding an additional column gives me more personalization and design options, and thus I hope to utilize the space to provide yet greater info and blogging resources. What I am going to add and when is still up in the air though, so please bear with me as I iron some of the kinks out over the next week or so. 

And since I know you are thinking it-- yes-- manipulating html code on a Friday night is pretty embarrassing. Go ahead, laugh it up. 

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