Saturday, September 20, 2008

Idiot of the Week: Hoosier Access (w/update)

I think its safe to say a majority of Americans have moved passed the age of racial political division. And I say a majority for a reason, because as sad as it may be, there are still those few out there who idiotically attempt to disguise racism as some form of legitimate political/social commentary. A perfect example can be found in a recent post concerning a Barack Obama speech over at Hoosier Access:
And the bit about getting into people’s faces - that’s right in line with the mindset of the baggy pants wearing crowd. Get into their face, maybe wave a shank or shiv, flash some signs.

You’ll see change in January if the Presidential limo starts sporting spinner wheels, fuzzy dice, and a BOOMING subwoofer mounted in the trunk blasting Ludacris. That change, is what will be left in your pocket after the Government gets done shaking you down for every last dollar you have.
Are you serious? Does Hoosier Access not accept the reality that Hoosier voters are smarter than this? I mean smearing Obama is one thing, but when you stoop to the level of racist bigot, I am afraid to say whatever credibility you once had is lost forever. Congrats Hoosier Access, your efforts have earned you idiot of the week honors.

Update (1:58 a.m.): It seems after Hoosier Access caught wind of the lefty blogosphere's dismay over their blatantly racist remarks, they responded with a follow up post valiantly defending what was written while pointing to our own hypocrisy. Without dignifying the absurdity of the hypocrisy charge, I would like to point out their oh so valiant defense. So valiant in fact, that they edited the post, deleting the paragraph I have quoted above. Unreal.


Tumbleweed said...

Got here via Masson's Blog... It's quiet, huh?

Bil Browning said...

How funny, I put my post up last night about the racism in that post and promptly got a comment from a Hoosier Access blogger. When I flipped back over I saw their new post defending the original one and noticed others had apparently also blogged about the inherent racism in the entry.

That led me to Doug's pad which led me to yours. I'll add you to the blogroll in exchange for the same! :)

RedhawkHoosier said...

consider it a deal