Friday, September 19, 2008

IN-Gov: Tale of Two Polls

Today has seen the release of two polls aimed at gauging the status of Indiana's gubernatorial race. And as luck would have it, the results couldn't be farther apart.
Rasmussen Reports
500 likely voters w/ MoE +/-4.5%
Sept. 17-18

Daniels 56%
Long Thompson 40%
Seltzer & Co.
600 likely voters w/ MoE +/-4%
Sept. 14-16

Daniels 46%
Long Thompson 42%
It's hard to tell which one of these is more accurate. But I imagine the real number is somewhere between the two. Regardless, the Star/WTHR poll should do wonders for Long Thompson's campaign morale, and if anything should help to shore up much needed financial support across the state. Its clear she still has a long way to go in winning over hoosier voters though, as is evident from those willing to ticket-split in November:
Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels holds a four-point lead in his bid for a second term, including support from one in five voters who plan to back Democrat Barack Obama for president...

Slightly more than 20 percent of Obama's supporters said they plan to vote for the governor.

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