Monday, September 15, 2008

Electoral Math

With the political climate beginning to normalize post-conventions, its worth taking a look at where the race stands according to recent polling data. Below is how the map shakes out based on RCP averages. Bear in mind this data includes a slew of battleground state polls released just today. 
To say at this point the race is a toss up would be quite the understatement. However you look at it, one thing is all to clear-- Obama still has a lot of work to do. For what its worth though, my gut tells me shoring up votes in Florida and Ohio will go a long way in influencing electorate trends in other key battleground states. And what's more, the current political climate, engulfed with financial woes and outright campaign lies, should favor Obama considerably in the days and weeks to follow. 

And one final question. Why is getting polling data from Indiana so difficult? While other swing states spew forth polling on a seemingly every other week basis, Indiana still clings to results of a poll conducted prior to either party convention. 

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