Monday, September 15, 2008

IN-Sen: Dem's Lofty Agenda Reawakens Forgotten Legislature

One things for certain, Indiana Senate Democrats will have their hands full fending off questions concerning their newly announced legislative agenda. Released last week, the hodgepodge list covers a wide range of issues, clearly demonstrating a desire to push the Indiana legislature into new and uncharted waters.
An agenda released by Indiana Senate Democrats last week included full-day kindergarten for every child, free textbooks for all students and universal access to health care. Then there were proposals to ensure that all Indiana residents can attend a state college or university, offer new tax credits and incentives and add police at the state and local levels.
Critics and skeptics have been quick to emerge, citing budgetary costs as the Achilles heel for the majority of such proposals. I ask these critics, so what?

So what? Sure many of these programs won't be cheap. Being fairly realistic and not so naive, I understand this. But this is not the point. I firmly believe its governments job to make our lives just a little better, even if that means working to do the difficult things-- and rest assured many of these proposals are just that. 

Wishful? Probably. Refreshing? Most certainly. This is the democratic party I know and love, a party unafraid of confronting revolutionary ideas despite the myriad of obstacles that stand in the way. The senate Democrats should be commended for their effort in defining a future vision for our state.  I walk as a bloosier with just a little more pep in my step today. How couldn't I?

For the agenda in its entirety check out the democratic caucus website here.

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