Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indiana Polling Blitz

It took nearly three weeks and a Republican convention before pollsters got back at it here in Indiana. During that stretch many openly questioned how close the race actually was, with the Obama campaign asserting they were within in striking distance and McCain and Co. calmly sure they had nothing to worry about. Well it seems just when everyone was coming to terms with Indiana's political uncertainty, a blitz of polling announcements has helped to answer a few lingering questions.

With three separate polls being released since yesterday, the state of the race in Indiana has confirmed its battleground status. The most recent poll--released this afternoon by Big Ten Battleground Polling-- provides a familiar result:
Obama 43.2%
McCain 46.7%
Undecided 5.1%
With each of the three polls looking marginally different, which one should be taken more seriously? Your guess is as good as mine. But in an effort to help gauge the overall polling picture I have compiled all the numbers and provided the average result-- which may in the end be the best indication of where Indiana currently stands. 

Considering the margin of error and looming voter turnout questions, this race most certainly hinges on the outcome of those 5% who remain undecided.

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