Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feed the Backlash

After reading Netroots Nation the activist in me felt compelled to go out and grab a copy of Kos' new book, Taking On the System. While I plan to delve into the book in more detail for this Sunday's edition of the progressive book club, I wanted to highlight one of the book's key points-- as it seems especially fitting for the Obama campaign these last few weeks.
"When your enemies begin to notice you-- and attack you-- you have arrived. Instead of avoiding confrontation with gatekeepers and opponents, embrace it and feed it. Stoking the flames of controversy brings visibility to your issues, raising your profile and effectiveness, and begins a cycle of ever-increasing attention that you can use to your advantage."
Like usual, Kos nails it on the head. Obama would be wise to heed this advice-- because ultimately who knows, it may be just the strategy needed to push the campaign out in front once and for all. 

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