Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking: IndyStar Poll Gives Obama First Indiana Lead

Folks this is big.
Star/WTHR Seltzer & Co.
600 likely voters MoE +/- 4%

Obama 47%
McCain 44%
Undecided 6%
If this doesn't cement the reality of Indiana as a legitimate swing state than I don't know what else will. Outspent and unconcerned, McCain and co. continues to forgo the possibility of a red to blue swing-- all in the wake of an Obama campaign who has purchased nearly $300,000 in media buys and has opened up 30+ offices across the state.

How has Obama gained traction in our historically red state? Well, it seem that like last night's gubernatorial debate focus, many hoosier voters are basing there choice on which candidate is best equipped to handle our precarious economy.
The poll showed Hoosier voters are more confident in Obama's ability to handle the economy, with 44 percent saying he is best equipped to bring new jobs to Indiana, compared with 30 percent for McCain.
"I'm looking for somebody who is not going to tax the middle class to death, and end high-priced gas," said Hopkins, a self-described Democrat and stay-at-home mom.
What's more, McCain's overconfidence in Indiana may ultimately be his downfall.
Luke Messer, co-chairman of McCain's Indiana campaign, said he's confident the Arizona senator will win in Indiana.

"Other polling has us ahead, and that's where we believe the race is," Messer said. "Obviously, Barack Obama has spent millions and millions of dollars and has had staff here for months and months, and the question would be: Why isn't he doing better?"
In the end we can only hope this continues to be the official McCain response. Something tells me it won't though. Obama has seen to that.

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