Sunday, September 14, 2008

IN-03: Montagano Push Continues

Mulling over the numbers in the third district yet again, I came across some potentially race changing news over at Act Blue, the online fundraising page for democratic candidates across the country. It seems Michael Montagano's campaign has stirred up enough national attention that he has been placed on the DCCC list of 'emerging races' in their much talked about Red to Blue program. Folks this is big. Or should I say, this can be big. For those unfamiliar with the program:
The Red to Blue program highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country, and offers them financial, communications, and strategic support. These candidates earned a spot in the program by surpassing demanding fundraising goals and skillfully demonstrating to voters that they stand for change and will represent new priorities when elected to Congress.
The impact of being placed on this list is self evident. As such a concerted effort is needed from bloosiers and the Indiana blogpsphere at large to keep the public excited about what Montagano is accomplishing up in the third district. Because even though the campaign is turning a few heads nationally, there is still a bit of work to be done to move the campaign from the 'emerging race' list to the established Red to Blue program. We can make it happen though. As Act Blue states:
The DCCC is recognizing these emerging races. In each of these races, Democratic candidates have generated excitement in their districts for their campaigns for change. As these campaigns continue to develop and demonstrate increasing strength, candidates will have an opportunity to qualify for the Red to Blue program.
Thus I call for all bloosiers to help keep the Montagano campaign astir. Blog about it. Volunteer on the ground. Write a letter to the editor. Throw in some greenbacks. Tell your friends and family. Any and all means of helping the Montagano campaign are welcome. Furthermore, to facilitate help, I have included a direct Act Blue contribution link below. 

Michael Montagano (IN-03)

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