Tuesday, September 16, 2008

IN-04: Ackerson Hits Buyer on Corruption

In a press release put out yesterday, Nels Ackerson-- democratic candidate for Indiana's fourth congressional district-- calls out incumbent republican Steve Buyer, pointing to the many ties he has with spreading corruption in Washington. From the the release:
"The incumbent Steve Buyer has shown his loyalty to oil industry executives and corporate PACs who have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his campaigns. Since taking office 16 years ago Steve Buyer has taken over $160,000 from energy companies, and voted repeatedly to stop reforms that might reduce his fundraising perks."

Congressional records show that Buyer has consistently voted against restricting the influence of lobbyists and against legislation that would forbid Congressman like himself from receiving gifts. Among the positions Buyer has supported are:
  • Voting against the investigation into Jack Abramoff's illegal lobbying activities (3/30/06, RC#76);
  • Voting against stronger reporting requirements for lobbyists involved in fundraising for candidates (5/24/07, RC#420);
  • Voting against repealing weak House ethics rules (4/27/05, RC# 145); and
  • Voting for allowing groups to pay for a Congressperson's travel, and lobbyists to cater dinners to their offices (1/7/03, RC#4);
I think its safe to say this race is closer than many people think. Ackerson's willingness to go after Buyer has helped him down the stretch, and rightly so. Do we have another upset brewing? Only time will tell but one things for certain, its looking better with each passing day.

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