Friday, September 26, 2008

RNC to the Rescue

I guess the McCain people are a little more worried about Indiana than they have previously let on. Politico's Ben Smith has the scoop:
Two sources familiar with the media-buying plans say the Republican National Committee is set to spend six figures shoring up John McCain in the traditionally Republican state of Indiana.

The RNC's independent expenditure arm — which is outside the direct control of the campaign or the committee — has placed a $100,000 buy with WISH-TV in Indianapolis, the CBS affiliate in the capital, one source said. Two sources said the buys across the state start on Tuesday, Sept. 30.
Update 6:39 pm: Somehow I missed this earlier, but Kos once again chimes in on McCain's Indiana inaction (before news of the RNC buy broke):
With a little love, McCain might pull Indiana safely out of play, but they're operating under the theory that if they've lost Indiana, they've already lost enough states to lose the election. Given how tight the other "tipping point" states are, and how fiercely they are being contested, ignoring Indiana may prove to have been a bad call when all's said and done.

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