Friday, September 26, 2008

Screw ANWR, we have Ft. Wayne International Airport

I never thought I'd see the day, but it seems Indiana may hold the solution for our nation's energy problems. Ehh....not so fast. Did I say solutions? Scratch that I meant oil profits. According to geologist Chuck Knox, Indiana is "ripe for the picking" and his company St. Joe Valley Exploration are just the people for the job. The Times has the story:
Geologist Chuck Knox is seeking the mineral rights under 2,000 acres of airport property to drill for oil.

"We'd be foolish to at least not take a look," airport executive director Torry Richardson told The News-Sentinel.

Knox said his company was focusing on gas and oil fields in Indiana that have been unprofitable until the price of oil climbed above $100 a barrel.

"This isn't about geology. It's about economics," he said.
All I know is that if Knox strikes it rich, I am going to eat my hat and be the first person to offer up my backyard for more drilling. All this talk about soaring gas prices from both Daniels and Long Thompson and the solution is right beneath us-- give me a break people. Ft. Wayne? Do they realize this is Indiana we are talking about? We have corn and soybeans and high school basketball. Not oil--right?

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