Friday, September 26, 2008

Post-Debate Reaction

No major gaffes. No gotcha moments. You could say both candidates come away from this debate unscathed and no worse for the wear. But its important to remember that this debate was supposed to be McCain's bread and butter-- talking about foreign policy has been the backbone of his candidacy since the beginning. Well its clear Obama stood toe to toe with him addressing each issue, and for the most part the McCain campaign who was banking on a big boost from this debate will be sorely disappointed when all is said and done. Considering all this, I feel confident saying Obama won tonight's uneventful showdown.

CNN's David Gergen sums it up best:
John McCain needed a clear victory tonight. I think a tie was not in his interest. He is behind. And this is his best subject night ... I think he needed a clear victory tonight and that eluded him.

One of the best debate moments for Obama:

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