Friday, September 26, 2008

IN-07: Carson on the Bailout....Again

No one can say IN-07 district congressman Andre Carson has been missing from the financial crisis debate. Indeed his office has been adamant in releasing press statements concerning the matter on a seemingly every day basis. The latest:
"Responsible homeowners and hardworking American taxpayers should be the beneficiaries of this rescue package, not irresponsible lenders and greedy corporate executives. To reward the wrong, at the expense of the right, sends the wrong message and does nothing to help the hardworking American taxpayer in need of relief and urgent assistance.

"As negotiations progress, I will continue to call on the Congressional Leadership and Bush Administration to draft a more inclusive package that provides property tax relief through enhanced deductions and incentivized tax credits. The incorporation of more mortgage relief provisions and the inclusion of improved taxpayer protections will increase our economic productivity and safeguard the financial interests of hardworking Americans."
Is incentivized a real word?

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