Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Ad-Buy?

The buzz around the Indiana blogosphere concerning McCain's first ad-buy within the state may have been for nought. Then again who really knows at this point. While the details are still shaking themselves out, at least one source over at the Politico asserts that both the McCain campaign and the RNC are fervently denying the rumor that Indiana advertising is forthcoming.

At this point does it even matter though? With increased national attention afforded to Indiana because of today's events, one has to wonder how long republicans can sit around idly ignoring Obama's increased popularity amongst hoosier voters. While its understandable that a 40+ year republican death grip on the state may have cemented some hard to break campaign habits, just how far McCain is willing to carry his self-defeating mentality is perplexing to say the least. 

McCain may or may not buy ad-time in Indiana when this is all said and done. Alas all we can do now is sit back and hope that republican pride continues to cloud their judgment-- because the fact of the matter is, watching republicans drive themselves into the ground never really gets old.

And just in case anyone has forgotten what's up for grabs, MyDD gives a bit of historical perspective:
... the Democrats have only carried the state of Indiana four times since 1892 -- during the routs that were 1912 (Wilson v. Taft v. T. Roosevelt), 1932 (F. Roosevelt v. Hoover), 1936 (F. Roosevelt v. Landon) and 1964 (Johnson v. Goldwater -- meaning that they have lost the state even while winning the presidency eight times in the past 115 years. Even more to the point, no Democrat in the last 30 years has received more than 41.55 percent of the vote in the state, with the average Democratic showing during that time period of 39.09 percent. In short, Indiana is generally infertile ground for Democrats on the presidential level, so news of even the Republicans considering the state to be in play is rather noteworthy.

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