Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kos on Indiana

The big news today? McCain and Co. have finally surrendered to the Obama onslaught and have been forced to purchase their first Indiana ad-time this election cycle. While the effect such ads will have on the state of the race is debatable, one thing is certain-- any money the republicans are forced to spend here is a gigantic positive for Dems across the country. Kos sums it up best:
This comes after weeks of denying that Indiana was worth any effort, and after conservative confidence that Palin's pick would seal the deal (like it apparently has in states like Alaska and North Dakota).

Just think, this is a 21-point Bush blowout state. Playing with the dKos Political Scoreboard, that would be like Obama playing defense in New York (Kerry +18), Vermont (Kerry +20), or ... oh, perfect -- Rhode Island (Kerry +19, 60-39).

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