Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL Overtime Games are a Crock

To start with, if there's one thing that rivals my enthusiasm for politics, its my love for sports. That being said, the overtime system in the NFL is the biggest piece of shit in present day professional sports. With two o.t. games today alone, this garbage is enough to make you go crazy. I mean seriously, why not line each team up on the 45 yard line and play it out like they do in the college ranks? Give me a break this isn't the back yard where 'first team to score' is a precursor to supper's ready. Any other NFL fans share my frustration?


Anonymous said...


Bears fan here so my reasons for supporting your idea may be a bit selfish.

RedhawkHoosier said...

Well I wrote the diatribe while still fuming over the bengals loss to the Giants in OT so I think I can relate.