Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Open Thread

Despite what's been said the last few days, all us political junkies have a debate to enjoy tonight. I'll be giving some live commentary as the spectacle unfolds, but while we wait for it all to start I think some predictions are in order.

My gut tells me its going to be a brutal night for John McCain. Not only did he royally eff up the campaign suspension ploy, but his flip-flop will be on display for millions of voters to see. All I know is buckle up because its going to get ugly.

Your predictions and thoughts?

8:59: here we go folks
9:01: this format is wide could get uglier than I initially predicted
9:16: Obama needs to really run with this economic growth bit because McCain is tip toeing around the subject and keeps going back to earmarks. Gee I wonder why? It can't be because his tax cut plan is a sham can it?
9:22: Finally both candidates are getting at it...McCain is lying and laughing nothing new
9:28: McCain's economic plan in two words--Spending Cuts...Obama brings up google for government and McCain is dumbfounded...
9:32: Finally Obama brings up Iraq and mentions the amount of money that can be saved there...McCain sidesteps
9:36: Obama's laying it on thick with the Bush comparison...McCain makes first maverick reference, what a joke
9:39: Iraqi democracy is no further along than it was two years McCain serious when he says our that our troops will now be coming home because of Iraqi success?
9:44: McCain's temper is flaring watch out...
9:46: Obama is sounding more and more versed when talking about foreign policy...McCain's inability to grapple new ideas and advice is evident when talking about Iraq...sounds a little like Dubya to me
9:51: McCain says his mistake concerning Afghanistan should be chalked up as a lesson of
9:54: Obama nails McCain on prudence issue, reminding everyone that he "sang songs on bombing Iran" and "threatened extinction of North Korea".....McCain's favorite line of the night "I don't think Senator Obama understands..."....Obama needs to throw this back at him and highlight the many things McCain has absolutely no understanding of, aka the economy
10:00: well Obama wins the bracelet argument for whatever thats worth....McCain, try as he may, is failing the temperament test
10:07: Obama is sounding presidential when talking about diplomacy and McCain once again is stuck in the past with his history lesson
10:11: Wow Obama brings out the big guns and mentions Spain reference...McCain has no answer but to tie himself to Ronald Reagan and the past
10:20: McCain talking about Russia amounted to how many leaders and areas he could identify...Obama needs to hit home on the Palin Russian connection somehow
10:25: The growing sense of how McCain's entire candidacy is fuctioning is that he takes Obama's words, phrases, and ideals and tries to pass them off as his own...American's aren't that dumb
10:29: In case you didn't know the political cycle has come full swing and McCain is the new ronny Reagan, what a hoot
10:33: McCain's closing was unbearable and laughable...Obama's closing sounds direct and presidential


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