Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Midday Roundup

I'll be in an out today without a lot of time to blog, so here are a few things to mull over while I'm gone.
  • BuyMyShitPile.com: If the government can get away with it, why can't we?
    With our economy in crisis, the US Government is scrambling to rescue our banks by purchasing their "distressed assets", i.e., assets that no one else wants to buy from them. We figured that instead of protesting this plan, we'd give regular Americans the same opportunity to sell their bad assets to the government.

  • The second of three Indiana gubernatorial debates is set for tonight at 8pm in Jasper. The big question heading into this debate is whether Jill Long Thompson can successfully draw distinctions between herself and Mitch without sounding to attack oriented like she did last time. However you look at it though, its clear she needs a strong performance tonight as the election is quickly approaching and for all intensive purposes she still faces an intimidating hill to climb with voters. 

  • If you live in or around Jefforsonville, be sure to check out Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden as he makes his second stop in Indiana tomorrow for an afternoon rally. The IndyStar has the details:
    The Barack Obama campaign announced Monday that Biden will speak at an afternoon rally in Warder Park. Tickets to the public event were being distributed by Obama campaign offices in Jeffersonville and New Albany today.
    Just so everyone's clear of the tally-- after tomorrow's rally, Biden will have been in Indiana twice as much John McCain. Unreal.

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