Friday, October 3, 2008

Quotes of the Day, unemployment edition

"We've got the lowest unemployment rate in the Midwest! We're doing vastly better than any state near us. Four months ago, we were at what economists call "full employment", but I don't consider it to be full unemployment. We took a very hard hit in the RV industry with high gas prices."
--Gov. Mitch Daniels

"The unemployment rates are 2% higher then when Governor Daniels took office in January of 2005. That's not a very good record, and it's not a criticism of him, it's a criticism of the way he governs."
--Jill Long Thompson

Who's to believe? You tell me.

I just can't help but think Daniels' unemployment defense is reminiscent of a teenager arguing with his parents, "But Timmy's mom said its OK...."

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