Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Latest SUSA Polling: Daniels +16, Obama -3

The latest SurvayUSA poll brings with it mixed emotions as Long Thompson's campaign appears to be stuck in the mud while Obama's continues to trend upward. The results:

687 likely voters, MoE +/-3.8
9/28-29 (8/16-18)

Daniels-R: 53 (52)
Long Thompson-D: 37 (38)
Horning-L: 6 (3)

McCain: 48 (50)
Obama: 45 (44)

While the news for Long Thompson was expected and the news for Obama we have been hinting at for some time now, one portion of the cross-tabs has me a little worried. If Obama were to stand a fighting chance at taking Indiana in November, it would mean his support in northern Indiana and likewise the central Indiana greater Indianapolis area would have to be substantial. But as the polling points out:
In Northern Indiana, where voters see Chicago television from Obama's home state of Illinois, Obama led by 17 points fourteen weeks ago and by 5 points six weeks ago; today, Obama leads there by 1.


Anonymous said...

When talking about the Chicago TV market, were really only talking about the 1st congressional district, essentially Lake and Porter counties. I thought that Obama's numbers in Northern Indiana would have been higher but I am not too surprised by that.

Personally, I think that there are parts of NW Indiana that haven't grown up yet and, unfortunately, race is an unspoken and under-the-radar issue here.

RedhawkHoosier said...

Yeah I think his numbers will be fine in Northern Indiana when this is all said and done. Personally I feel its more of a "weighing my options" type of thing. And once everyone feels confident they had their fair shake they will flock back to Obama. Hopefully.