Wednesday, October 1, 2008

IN-04: Buyer's Refusal to Debate Unacceptable

With much of Indiana's attention focusing today on Montagano and his placement on the DCCC's Red to Blue list, I feel it necessary to remind readers that an equally important race is taking place in the IN-04. Democratic challenger Nels Ackerson continues to fight the good fight against incumbent Steve Buyer, an eight term republican blowhard with a knack for petty accusations. Thus, considering what's at stake this election cycle, Ackerson's request for a debate would sound like a logical and necessary step for both candidate's campaigns. Well not if Buyer has anything to do with it. Refusing multiple requests, the Buyer campaign has said and done everything possible-- no matter how ridiculous or deceptive-- to discredit the very thought of standing side by side with his opponent addressing the issues that matter to voters. In a press statement released today, Ackerson sets the record straight:
In the press release, Buyer resorted to childish name-calling using words like "whining", "hypocrite", "mean", "shallow", and "bitter" and referred to Ackerson's extensive voter outreach program as "parading around the district."

"This type of pettiness and childish rants are unfit for a leader," commented Ackerson.

"Buyer's been increasingly bizarre and belligerent on the campaign trail, making veiled threats to me and members of my staff. He even yelled at one of my high school volunteers at the opening of the Montgomery County Republican office. But this type of language in formal a public statement represents a new low for Buyer," noted Ackerson. "If he weren't our elected representative and we didn't have such serious crises going on these rants would be comical."...

Added Ackerson, "We should be talking about issues that matter to voters instead of these personal attacks. Steve Buyer wants to pretend that we've been skipping debates, and that's laughable. Name the time, Steve. Name the place. We've been waiting. Stop hiding behind half-truths."
Ackerson is right. Voters deserve better. If you live in the fourth district I urge you to give Buyer a call at the number below. Let's let him know his actions are unacceptable and the voters won't stand for it.

Steve Buyer IN-04: 202-225-5037


Anonymous said...

Ackerson -- He runs, he shoots, he....runs off?
Hypocrite -- 1. Somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise. 2. See Nels Ackerson...

For months Nels Ackerson has tried to put on the charade that he is a "Hoosier farmer" when in fact we all know that he is a mean and bitter Maryland trial lawyer. He has spent many months parading around the 4th District whining about the need for debates with Steve Buyer and last night, he had another opportunity for a joint appearance. Any guesses as to what he did? Nels Ackerson cut and ran.

A long scheduled joint appearance between Buyer and Ackerson in Clinton County turned into a solo appearance by Steve Buyer last night. Mr. Ackerson, who was invited months ago and had confirmed his appearance, was not present for the program and left within minutes after Steve Buyer arrived.

Ackerson has whined about appearing before voters with Steve Buyer, even resorting to running negative radio ads criticizing him. But when Ackerson had his chance, he left. Maybe he ran away because he knew that Steve Buyer showed up to the event with two significant endorsements in hand. He has recently been endorsed by the Indiana Farm Bureau ELECT PAC and earlier in the day he received the endorsement of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police. The Indiana Fraternal Order of Police is an organization that represents 14,000 Hoosier law enforcement officers.

Like many mean and bitter men, Ackerson talks a good game, but his shallow and mean spirited attacks on Buyer reflect a campaign bereft of ideas, funding, and support. Not surprising for a guy who hasn't set foot in the district since 1967.

Just for fun, let's review our Nels Ackerson FACT CHECK:

Nels Ackerson --

Property owned in 4th District -- Zero

Family raised in 4th District -- None

Taxes paid in 4th District -- Zero

Days lived in 4th district before running (and renting a home in Indiana) for Congress -- Zero

Claims of bi-partisanship -- Innumerable

Dollars contributed to Democrat candidates -- More than $10,000

Dollars contributed to Republican candidates -- Zero

Time spent working, volunteering, or creating jobs in 4th District - Zero

Home of record -- Potomac, Maryland

Profession -- Millionaire trial lawyer

Ambition -- Boundless

Credibility -- Zero

RedhawkHoosier said...

Well if you are so confident, why doesn't Buyer just agree to a publicly televised debate? Its a simple proposition, one that shouldn't be skirted on the basis of joint public appearance non-sense. A real debate about the issues is what voters deserve. If Ackerson is as inept as you make him out to be (and I think we both know he's not) then Buyer should clean house and the debate will actually help him out. Thus I ask again, whats he so scared of?