Friday, October 3, 2008

Bailout Redux: Passes House, Indiana Delegation Split

The bill passed a House vote this afternoon with a final tally of 263-171. As far as Indiana's congressional delegation is concerned the breakdown is as follows:

In favor
Joe Donnelly, D IN-02
Mark Souder, R IN-03
Andre Carson, D IN-07
Brad Ellsworth, D IN-08

Visclosky, D IN-01
Steve Buyer, R IN-04
Dan Burton, R IN-05
Mike Pence, R IN-07
Hill, D IN-09

It's worth noting that Andre Carson was the only person to switch sides as a result of the bailout revisions.

Courtesy of the AP:
“This bill is not the bill that I or other Republicans would have chosen, but with a Democrat-controlled Congress, any bill must be a compromise. Possible failure of our economy was not an option.” — Rep. Mark Souder, Republican who voted for the bill.
“Something needs to be done to shore-up our financial markets, but without many substantive changes and $150 billion in additional spending — I don’t think this is the answer.” — Rep. Baron Hill, Democrat who voted against the bill.
“This crisis is a decade in the making. It is the result of cynical exploitation within an unregulated industry, and it should be addressed conscientiously and equitably. We should have considered all the viable alternatives to the bailout and deliberated the merits of each course of action in order to strengthen the banks’ balance sheets.” — Rep. Pete Visclosky, Democrat who voted against the bill.
“My number one priority is to protect our jobs and savings back home, and this bill presented us with the best chance of doing that. I did not take pleasure in voting for this legislation, but the choice before us was stark: either pass this rescue package or do nothing. Doing nothing would have cost us more jobs and billions in retirement savings.” — Rep. Joe Donnelly, Democrat who voted for the bill.

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