Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IN-09: Hill and Sodrel (and Schansberg) Set to Debate

After much posturing, it looks as if Indiana's ninth congressional district will finally get the debate voters have been longing for. The details:
The candidates for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District seat will debate October 21st in Jasper.

This is the only planned debate between Democratic Representative Baron Hill, Republican Mike Sodrel and Libertarian Eric Schansberg before Election Day.
Considering Hill and Sodrel's familiarity with each other's candidacy expect the debate to focus on the economy and hopefully by this time the legislation that has been passed by Congress concerning the bailout. While both candidates opposed yesterday's bailout bill, nonsensical reactions from Sodrel should provide plenty of ammunition for Hill to bury his opponent. Take for example this absurdity:
“Government acquisition of private enterprises when it occurs by ballot is called socialism. ... When it occurs by bullets (it) is called communism. There is little difference in the end result. The former is just less violent than the latter.”

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