Friday, October 3, 2008

McCampaign Implosion: Michigan Pullout a Mistake Says Sarah Palin

With news that the McCain campaign has all but given up in Michigan-- pulling out to focus resources elsewhere, Indiana included-- welcoming signs are emerging that all but spell out a complete GOP implosion over the newly adopted electoral strategy. The Political Wire has the story:
In an interview with Fox News, Gov. Sarah Palin criticized Sen. John McCain's decision "to pull campaign resources out of Michigan, saying she and her husband Todd would 'be happy' to campaign in the economically distraught battleground state."

Palin said that when she read the news, she "fired off a quick e-mail and said, 'Oh come on, do we have to?'"
Its sad to admit, but Palin is right. Had McCain chosen a viable running mate he would have been afforded the more logical move of sending his vice-president stumping across Michigan, effectively saving the cash but not abandoning presence. Nevertheless, his concession is but another in a long line of demonstrations that show what little faith he places in his own vice-presidential selection.

Thus, as chances for success continue to slim for republicans, you have to wonder how close this race would be right now had McCain chosen Michigan surrogate Mitt Romney instead. Thankfully its a moot point now, and much to our enjoyment McCain is forced to sit back and watch as like Sarah Palin, his electoral math disappears when the going gets tough.

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