Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Fails: Indiana Delegation Split On Vote

Well it looks as if Pelosi got played by House republicans today, as the final vote on H.R. 3997 comes in at 205 ayes and 228 nayes. This effectively throws everyone back to the drawing board, and marks a stunning defeat for the Bush administration and congressional leadership.

How did our own representatives vote?

Donnelly (d) IN-02
Souder (r) IN-03
Ellsworth (d) IN-08

Visclosky (d) IN-01
Buyer (r) IN-04
Burton (r) IN-05
Pence (r) IN -06
Carson (d) IN-07
Hill (d) IN-09

My feelings on the bill fall somewhere along the lines of "necessary but unfortunate." Its true the bailout is not ideal, but with both sides playing politics and posturing for position I don't think a perfect bill will ever arrise. Moreover, if you look at the toll inaction is having on Wall Street, its clear something needs to be done-- and fast. In wake of the vote the Dow has taken its largest single day fall ever, plummeting 778 points. 

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