Sunday, September 7, 2008

Unemployment's telling Rise

Senator McCain/Governor Daniels and the republicans ought to think twice about the rhetoric they are using to describe the current state of our economy. 
Because as they continue to support and promote the economic policies of a failed Bush administration, the civilian unemployment rate has steadily risen over the past two years. 

What does this mean for little old Indiana, the manufacturing stronghold of the Midwest? Despite what Governor Daniels attests, the prognosis isn't much better. 
Yep you guessed it. As the graph clearly shows unemployment in Indiana is at a one year high, rising above 6% which practically levels it with the national average. Am I the only one who feels Mitch has skirted this reality during his re-election campaign? Well enough is enough. Bloosiers need to unite and pin this on those responsible--republicans and the ever party faithful, Mitch Daniels. 

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