Friday, September 12, 2008

IN-03: Montagano Can Win This Thing

I know this was mentioned earlier, but the IN-03 is definitely in play. After looking over the polling numbers, who couldn't help but be reenergized by the hopes of replacing a seven term republican congressman with a young charismatic democrat? I sure as hell was. As such I decided to look into the race a bit more, and of all the things I found one thing stood out with alarming clarity. Montagano's fundraising puts him in a near dead heat with Souder. 

So what you say? Well for one, this is a district that Bush won in 2004 by a staggering 37%. The Cook Voting Index rates Indiana's third congressional district at republican +16. The bottom line is this is as red a district as they come. Nevertheless, Mike Montagano-- a political novice for all intensive purposes-- continues to keep pace financially with Souder, an entrenched republican who has had a stranglehold on the district for 14 years.

What does all this mean? It means that with just a little more help Montagano can pull off the unthinkable-- he can knock off an incumbent Indiana republican. Just look at Souder's fundraising numbers. He is barely scraping out a financial advantage despite a political network 14 years in the making. If this doesn't scream voter discontent I don't know what does.

Now imagine what Montagano can accomplish with a boost in fundraising or a swarm of new motivated volunteers. Thus I urge everyone to donate to the campaign, but more importantly I urge everyone who can to get up and go help influence the election on the ground. Because in the end, Souder remains the most vulnerable incumbent congressman in the state and we owe it to ourselves and to democrats across the country to do something about it. 

Bloosiers now is the time to unite. Lets prove to a national audience that a progressive netroots is alive and well in Indiana. 

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