Thursday, September 11, 2008

New DKos Presidential Tracking Poll

You have to admire the way Kos has transformed his startup blog into the largest liberal bastion on the web, and then instead of basking in his own influence has set out to use the popularity of his site for practical progressive causes (think fundraising and googlebombs). Much to this effect, Kos has recently implemented independent DKos (contracted through Research 2000) polling of key House and Senate races, and more interestingly a new tracking poll that will shed light on the everyday movements of both presidential campaigns.  The first of these tracking polls--released with coveted crosstabs-- shows just how tight this race has become in recent weeks:

Obama-47%, McCain-45%, Barr-2%, Nader-2%

The only real glaring thing to point out above happens to also be the most comforting--the single day samples. More specifically they show McCain's convention bounce slowly disappearing  and things gradually settling  back to normal. Also take a look at the numbers from the midwest. A seven point Obama lead could point to prophetic things to come in Indiana.

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