Friday, September 12, 2008

IN-03: Montagano Cuts Gap in Half

Cooper and Secrest
504 Likely Voters -- MoE +/- 4.4%
Sept. 9-10

Mike Montagano (D):  37 (28)
Mark Souder (R-inc):  50 (55)

At first glance this may still look like a 13 point lead, and it is, but taking into account Montagano's deficit in the last poll Souder's lead is looking very vulnerable indeed. 

This is by all accounts a winnable race and Blue Indiana helps show everyone why:
  • Only 30% of the electorate consider themselves "strong Souder voters."
  • Mike Montagano has increased his name ID from 16% to 59%, and of voters who recognize both candidates, Montagano leads Souder by a 47% to 41% margin.
  • Of voters who have seen Montagano's television advertisements, he leads 47% to 37%.
  • Montagano leads Souder among Independent voters by an 8-point margin.
  • Souder's job performance is still sub-fifty, and 44% have a negative opinion of him as the district's representation in Congress.
So if you haven't done so yet check out the Montagano For Congress website.  And if you really want to help be sure to throw some money Montagano's way-- the Act Blue widget on the right side of this site will help to facilitate those donations, making the process quick and painless.

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