Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Economic Recovery Program: Impact on Indiana

A new study commissioned by the Political Economy Research Institute, the Green Recovery Program is an in-depth look into the ability of energy reform to create jobs and provide energy independence nationwide. More specifically, and more relevant to us bloosiers, the report conveniently breaks down the initiative to a state by state level.

Letting the report speak for itself:
Impact on Indiana 
  • Indiana’s share of national green economic recovery program: $2.0 billion, based on ƒ combining state’s population and gross domestic product (see technical appendix below for details). 

  • Indiana’s net job creation through green economic recovery program: 43,353 jobs, based ƒ on Indiana unemployment figures in June 2008. 

  • Impact on Indiana’s labor market: a net increase of 43,353 jobs would reduce Indiana’s ƒunemployment rate to 4.5 percent in two years from 5.8 percent in June 2008. 
The long and short of it-- 43,000+ new jobs. If I were JLT I would unflinchingly latch onto this, because as we all know Mitch has quietly but effectively lost thousands of jobs for hoosiers since his stint in office began. In the end, we all know that energy reform is inevitable. But as republicans continue to court big oil its gravely important as progressives we stay out front of this issue, and the Green Economic Recovery Program is a step in the right direction. 

Read the entire report including breakdowns for every state here.

Update (12:05): What do you say to this Mitch? From the IndyStar:
The average cost of the cheapest gallon of gas in Indianapolis jumped 12 cents overnight to $3.78, AAA Hoosier Motor Club reported today.

That reflects the 30- to 40-cent price increase that frustrated motorists saw at many pumps across the region on Tuesday; several Indianapolis stations raised unleaded regular to $3.95 a gallon.
Statewide, today's average cost jumped 9 cents from $3.70 to $3.79, AAA reported, making Indiana among the 10 most expensive U.S. states to fill up for fuel.

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