Monday, September 8, 2008

Hoosier Fundraising: 2008 vs. 2004

If winning an election was as simple as outraising your opponent than Barack Obama could claim victory over Indiana's 11 electoral votes today. Alas we all know this isn't true, but once again a telling reminder of how legitimate a chance Obama has at making Hoosiers bloosiers can be found within each candidate's statewide financial disclosure.

According to Federal Election data as of September 2 the presidential totals are as follows:
Barack Obama$1,139,645
John McCain$1,105,680
As you can see Obama holds a narrow fundraising lead, however this slimmest of margins is remarkable in and of itself when compared to totals for the 2004 election cycle.  Mirroring his crushing defeat within the state, Kerry was outraised by Bush by an astounding 4-1 margin for totals as follows:
George W. Bush$2,517,928
John Kerry$594,223
What Obama has done to shrink the contribution gap is amazing. Not only does it demonstrate McCain's vulnerability within the state, but it bodes well for Democrats as a whole come election day. Combine this fact with the statewide increase in voter registration and the huge voter turnout for Obama during May's primary and I think the race is even tighter than recent polls have it.

All I know is with 56 days left a lot can happen.  Regardless I am liking the indicators I see at present.

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