Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Election Forecast

If the presidential election were held today it might shake out something like this. Be reminded though this map reflects polling done prior to either party convention, thus post-convention surges haven't been taken into consideration.

Obama vs. McCain828.GIF.gif

Dark Blue (183): Obama +7.6% or more 
Lean Blue (77): Obama +2.6%-+7.5% 
White / Toss-up (72): Obama +2.5% to McCain +2.5% 
Lean Red (44): McCain +2.6%-+7.5% 

Dark Red (162): McCain +7.6% or more)

Electoral College: Obama 260, McCain 206, Toss-up 72 

National popular vote: Obama 46.5%-44.9% McCain
         / Margin: Obama +1.6%

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