Friday, August 29, 2008

Democratic Identity

As a Democrat in a staunchly republican state, I often get asked incredulously, “You’re a liberal, what the hell for?” More often than not I let it slide, hardly eager to enter into a debate that will assuredly offend and most certainly exasperate whoever has so casually tossed me the question. Because in the end, aware of my surroundings and the political climate in which I live, I recognize that civic tradition is a matter of pride and identity, and as a result should not be taken lightly.

This being said, tired of idly ignoring such a question but impassioned to show others my perspective, I asked myself what could be done to help others see that liberalism and not conservatism is the conduit for a better America. My answer always came back to one thing—a honest assessment of the facts. Thus, having a deep rooted belief that political ideology is not Democratic or republican, but rather a common belief system by which individuals normalize the world they see around them, I have decided to dissect the very issues and causes I stand behind with hope that others will come to terms with their own ideological choices and perhaps join me on the left side of the political aisle. However before doing so, I feel it necessary to begin my argument for Democratic identity at home, where for almost twenty three years my understanding of politics has been shaped.

to be continued...

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