Wednesday, January 9, 2008


As many of you may know my former blog Hoosier Hysteria has been experiencing some substantial technical difficulties as of late--for the past month all my posts are falling to the wayside, with the google feedburn seeming to forget the site exists -- thus I have chosen to make the switch to a new url in hopes the problem can be corrected. In so doing, I was afforded the opportunity to evaluate the site as its developed over the past few months, and each time I asked myself what could be changed to make the site better, I kept coming back to one thing.

The site needs a new and distinguishing name. One that would help to define a movement of progressive activism currently being felt within the all too red Indiana.

As such, Bloosier Hysteria is born. The url has been changed to make the site easier to find and moreover to help separate the content from that of the basketball frenzy that is formally known as Hoosier Hysteria.

Whether all this works is yet to be known. But either way, this is a testing post to see if the feedburner can track the new site down. Let's hope it does.


Fini Finito said...

Nice new digs! I just added this to my feed reader, feed me!

RedhawkHoosier said...

Thanks. Hopefully I can get some stuff flowing by the end of the week once I finish up with the site construction. Be sure to check back in.